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If a loved one is suffering an advanced, life-limiting illness, hospice care offers compassionate support and care in the last phases of their disease. The providers at Ohana Care with five locations in Mission Viejo, California, help patients in the last phases of an incurable disease, so they can spend their last days as comfortably as possible. Call today to learn more about the exceptional hospice care provided, or use the online tool to book your appointment.

Hospice Care Q&A

What does hospice care involve?

Hospice care is offered to people in the final phases of their life. Care does not postpone or hasten death, but allows it to come naturally as an understandable final stage of disease.

Care is centered on making the patient as comfortable as possible. 

The goal of hospice care is not to cure the disease, but rather to treat symptoms and support the person’s quality of life. 

The team of professionals at Ohana Care work with the family and the patient in all care decisions. The patient’s dignity and personal choices are respected. 

When is hospice care recommended?

When treatment can no longer cure or control the progression of a terminal illness, hospice care is usually the next step. Patients may also choose to end treatment for a terminal illness and enter hospice for their final days. Patients usually spend six months or less in hospice, depending on the course of their disease. 

Hospice care is not “giving up” on life. Your loved one can leave hospice at any time and seek treatment elsewhere, but the care provided can help them make the best of every day during the last stages of their life. 

All hospice providers must offer certain services. But they tend to have different approaches to service, staffing patterns, and types of support services offered.

What specific services are part of hospice care?

A person in hospice has all hygiene, nutrition, and other basic services managed. In addition, the staff at Ohana Care offers palliative care to treat symptoms and side effects of illness as early as possible. Pain, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms are controlled as much as possible so that a patient’s final days are as enjoyable as possible.

While in hospice, a patient may be on medications for pain relief and symptom control. They’ll have access to wheelchairs, walkers, and medical supplies. Spiritual support, family and friend visits, and coordination of care with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, clergy, and funeral directors are also provided as part of hospice.

Hospice may also include grief and loss counseling for the patient and their loved ones in these final days. 

To learn more about the hospice care offered at Ohana Care, call one of the locations to set up a visit, or use the online tool to book.