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If your loved one suffers fecal or urinary incontinence, you want a facility that has a clear strategy for incontinence management. Patients may not have full control of their bladder and defecating muscles or simply need reminders to use the toilet. Incontinence and toilet management are priorities of the skilled assisted living staff at Ohana Care in Mission Viejo, California. Call today to learn more about the care planning offered, or use the online tool to book an appointment.

Incontinence Management Q&A

Why might my loved one need incontinence management?

Elderly patients commonly experience urinary and fecal incontinence, but it can cause embarrassment and shame. More than half of all residents in assisted living facilities have some form of incontinence. 

As a patient gets older, other conditions, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, complicate incontinence. If a patient struggles with mobility, simply getting to the toilet can be a chore. 

Even if a resident doesn’t have incontinence, they may still help with toilet hygiene. It can be hard to clean oneself after using the restroom, or patients with cognitive decline may require reminders to use the toilet on a regular basis. 

The patients of Ohana Care may develop incontinence over time. It’s a role of the staff to identify incontinence and log its frequency, so interventions can be taken when necessary. 

What services are included with incontinence management?

Ohana Care has a clear plan for incontinence management. The nursing staff gets to know each patient and their families, so they can communicate how often the patient is changed, if leaks occur, and overnight management strategies. 

When needed, a multidisciplinary team can also help with incontinence management. A nurse focuses on holistic strategies and dietary issues to manage incontinence. A pelvic floor specialist helps with physical therapy to improve muscle control. Other specialists can help with dexterity problems that are contributing to incontinence or good toilet hygiene.

The medical team also determines if there are medications or mobility that could be contributing to incontinence and develops a plan to minimize these complications.

What products are used for incontinence management?

Ohana Care uses products appropriate for the severity of the case. A panty liner or pad may be sufficient. In some cases, your loved one may benefit from super absorbent incontinence products that have a 30-ounce or more capacity. These allow for fewer changes per day and are especially helpful for overnight management. The products are non-irritating, so your loved one is more comfortable. 

To learn more about the incontinence management program at Ohana Care, call one of the locations today, or use the online tool to schedule a consultation.