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Medication management is an essential service offered at Ohana Care boutique assisted living facilities. Comprehensive medication management makes it easier to stay on top of chronic health conditions, symptoms, and potential health complications. Regardless of the level of care you or your loved one needs while in assisted living, medication management is provided. Call one of the five locations in Mission Viejo, California, or book online to learn more about these services.

Medication Management Q&A

What is involved in medication management?

Medication management requires an understanding of a patient’s medical history and medication and supplement history, including over-the-counter and prescription medications. 

The staff at Ohana Care can work with a patient’s medical providers to make sure they're taking the right medications for specific health needs. If a patient has multiple doctors who have each prescribed a different medication, medication management services can help identify any conflicts. Certain supplements and medications should not be used together. 

The nurses at Ohana Care ensure patients take medications as they’re prescribed. They also help patients manage refills and maintain an adequate supply. 

Who benefits from medication management?

Any patient at Ohana Care who takes prescription and/or over-the-counter medications benefits from medication management. The service is especially valuable if a patient takes more than one medication. 

Medication management can prevent dangerous misuse or accidental overuse of certain medications. As a patient ages, they can find organizing medications confusing. They may find it hard to remember if they took a specific medication that day, if they’re supposed to take it with or without food, or if it’s supposed to be taken at a certain time a day. The complexity of medications increases if they take several medicines several times a day.

The providers at Ohana Care create a schedule for needed medications and make sure patients take them when directed. They can also reach out to doctors to recommend changes in the medicines or dosages as needed to support good health or prevent unwanted side effects. They can also consult partnering physicians when existing doses or forms seem to no longer be effective.

What if there is a conflict in a patient’s medications?

If the medical staff at Ohana Care identifies any conflicts among your medications, they can coordinate care with prescribing physicians, so all necessary adjustments can be made to prevent adverse reactions and additional health complications.

Ohana Care provides the peace of mind that you or your loved one’s existing treatments are working effectively to promote overall health, rather than just one specific condition.

To learn more about the benefits of medication management available at Ohana Care, call the office nearest you, or request an appointment online today.