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Nutrition management is an important part of the exceptional assisted living care offered at Ohana Care. The qualified medical staff help ensure all patients in their care get the nutrition they need to fuel their bodies and support immunity to stave off disease. Nutrition management is also important to patients who have special dietary considerations. To learn more about the services offered at the five locations of Ohana Care in Mission Viejo, California, call today, or use the online tool to schedule a visit.

Nutrition Management Q&A

Why is nutrition management important?

You may not think a lot about what you eat every day, but the nutrients you consume provide fuel for your body and support a healthy, long life. Good nutrition can help your immune system fight infection and ward off illnesses. 

Good nutrition can become more difficult to get as a person ages. Older bodies are less adept at absorbing nutrients from food as compared to younger bodies. Older patients may also struggle with chewing, digestion, and changing metabolisms. Sensory changes, such as loss of sight or diminished taste and smell, can make food seem less appealing.

Certain medications can negatively affect appetite or tastes. Some chronic conditions, like high blood pressure or diabetes, may require a specific combination of nutrients to prevent disease complications.

What are the benefits of providing good nutrition management to assisted living patients?

Even if a patient doesn’t have a chronic condition or allergy that requires specific meal planning, nutrition management offers many benefits. 

Ohana Care ensures its residents and others in home care eat healthy to:

  • Improve mental acuteness
  • Resist illness and disease
  • Improve energy levels
  • Support faster healing from surgery, injury, or illness

Good nutrition also helps elderly patients better maintain a healthy weight. 

What specific services are part of nutrition management?

Nutrition management includes staff-prepared, home-cooked, well-balanced meals that taste delicious. Patients are served and treated with respect and dignity at meals. Eating tasty, nourishing food brings joy and improves a patient's overall quality of life. 

The staff at Ohana Care also takes into account any nutrient deficiencies patients may experience. Illness can stress the body and make it vitamin-deficient. 

Some medications may interfere with the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. When a resident doesn’t get outside enough, they may become vitamin D-deficient because they aren’t exposed to sunlight. 

Each patient’s individual nutrient needs and preferences are taken into account when developing meal plans. Ohana Care also provides a pleasant dining experience, which makes mealtime a pleasurable experience and community. 

Ohana Care makes nutrition management a priority. Call today to learn more about these services, or use the online tool to book an appointment.