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Modern House Exterior


Welcome to Ohana Care 1, a beacon of modern, holistic living where every day is a journey of joy and tranquility. This home is meticulously designed to radiate brightness and positive energy, creating an environment where our residents can thrive in comfort and happiness. Here, each bedroom is a private sanctuary, offering residents the privacy they cherish and the homeliness they desire.

Every detail in Ohana Care 1 is conceptualized to harmonize modern aesthetics with functional elegance. The spaces are inviting, adorned with contemporary accents and bathed in natural light, fostering a sense of well-being and peace. Residents can revel in the vibrant atmosphere, find solace in their private havens, and experience the epitome of boutique assisted living at Ohana Care 1.

Lakeside House
Modern Bathroom
Urban Bedroom
Breakfast Table
Black and White Hallway
Backyard Patio
Modern Sinks
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