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Our Story

At Ohana Care, our story is more than just a timeline of events—it’s a heartwarming legacy woven through the generations of a devoted family. Our journey began in 1979, when our founders recognized the profound need for genuine, compassionate senior care in Orange County. They envisioned a place where every senior felt valued, loved, and above all, at home. This vision soon became a reality, laying the foundation for a legacy that has continued to thrive.

Fast forward to today, Ryan Fisk, a third-generation care home owner and a fourth-generation nurse, upholds the Ohana Care ethos with the same fervor and dedication. His experiences, from nursing in bustling hospitals in Oahu to the serene settings of home health, have enriched our approach and deepened our understanding of holistic senior care. Ryan’s return to Mission Viejo marked the inception of a renewed mission, where the values of the past seamlessly integrate with the innovations of the present.

Orange County has watched us grow, evolve, and innovate. But amidst all the changes, our core philosophy remains steadfast: to treat every resident as family. Indeed, the Hawaiian term 'Ohana' symbolizes our core belief. A belief that family is not just defined by lineage but by shared values, trust, and unconditional care.

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